Lord Of All He Surveys

on November 12, 2009 in Fiction

For his regnal name, the newly crowned monarch of the newly created kingdom chose “Augustine I”, to honor his father. Though it had served him well enough through the wars and his years of public service, his own Christian name could not be used on the throne. None of his subjects held it against him that he shared it with the tyrant whose shackles they had just thrown off, but it would be a long time before anyone in the Kingdom of Columbia would bend their knee before another King George.

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2 Responses to “Lord Of All He Surveys”

  1. Brenda says:

    I like this one! It’s so short, yet tells so much – and it’s not until the end that you realize the alternate history. That “Kingdom of Columbia” threw me, although I have seen that used in place of “America” in one other place: the book “Thirteenth Child” by Patricia C. Wrede.

  2. Mak says:

    Clever. I had to read it twice before I got it. Reminds me a little of TOMU’s Imperial Republic. Along with fantasy and science fiction, alternate history is the third great what-if genre, and can be just as fascinating to explore.

    Only tangentially related, but if you have a fondness for history or songs, you might be interested: On youtube, there’s the song “Born 2 Rule” by Horrible Histories, which explores the delightfully silly what-if scenario: “What if the four King Georges got together and formed a boy band?”

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