On Dancing, or, On We Dance

on November 10, 2009 in Fiction

He asked me if I liked to dance.

I told him that I enjoyed moving in the same general vicinity as music. It seemed like the more honest response. Not knowing how to dance is not the the same thing as not liking it, of course… no more than asking someone if they like to dance is the same as asking them if they would like to dance.

None of this directly relates to the dance that we’ve been doing with each other, though it may yet one day all come to bear some magical night when there is music and he is there and I am there and we both feel like moving closer together.

Yes, I like to dance.

Yes, I’d like to dance.

Yes, I’d like this dance.

What a big difference a little difference can make.

On we dance.

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One Response to “On Dancing, or, On We Dance”

  1. zeel says:

    the odd perspectives you have on things always surprise me.


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