on November 10, 2009 in Fiction

When they pulled the third victim from the river in as many days, they found a dog with him. Public health officials were wary of sparking a panic, but they were quietly worried. Not only did it seem that this new strain of drowning was contagious, but it had also demonstrated the potential to jump from species to species.

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3 Responses to “Pandemic”

  1. Lunaroki says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!! It’s funny because it’s true!

  2. Cryolite says:

    Haha, that is exactly the way my brain works sometimes.
    Like the other day in the cafeteria at work they had chinese tomato soup and my mind went: Is it chinese-tomato soup or chinese tomato-soup?

  3. Natalie Ford (natalief) says:

    Okay, this made me laugh out loud and it is gone midnight & hubby is asleep!

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