Atlantean Dreams

on December 15, 2009 in Fiction

And on the seventh day, it is written, He rested.

We know He rested.

But did He sleep?

The original sleep of the righteous, we might say… and if He slept, did He, perchance, dream? With the act of creation still fresh in His mind, of what might He have dreamt, we wonder? Perhaps the same things that any of us, created in His image, might have dreamt: His work, naturally, and His children… His hopes and dreams for them.

He would have hoped for them to be fruitful. He might have hoped for them to be civilized. Perhaps he hoped that they would take the materials He had surrounded them with and create marvels of their own.

Maybe in His dream, he brought forth a new land from the ocean. An island, perhaps, teeming with people who exemplified the best of His hopes. We might imagine that they built graceful cities of impressive spires, that they studied the natural world and learned of its mechanics, that they constructed great ships and traveled across the face of the globe.

And perhaps His dream would be more substantial than yours or mine. Perhaps it would be more real.

Such an island, if it existed, would have been the envy and inspiration of ancient civilizations the world over… but being a dream, it would of have no hope of lasting. God might have slumbered, but He did not sleep forever. What was created on the seventh day could have been snuffed out just as quickly, the great island sinking beneath the waves in a single day and night of misfortune… if it had ever been there to begin with, of course.

Being a dream… even a dream of the divine… one suspects the record would be hazy.

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2 Responses to “Atlantean Dreams”

  1. Frelance says:

    “the same things that any of us, created in His image, might have dreamt”

    the same things “of which”?

    “but being a dream, it would of have no hope of lasting.”

    it would have had

  2. Jon says:

    So, is this part of warming up to writing more tribe? Because this reads like some of the better chapters of it.

    All of these have been total win so far. Honestly, I think I look forward to these more than MU at this point. SHN and tribe are still higher, though…absence and hearts and whatnot, I suppose.

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