Dive Bomb

on December 18, 2009 in Horror

High above the city, the flock of birds wheeled about, their beady little eyes trained on the figures far below. With a warbling cry, one broke away, turning and rolling over into a deep dive. No one saw its descent… no one knew what was happening even as its tiny beak gouged out a bleeding scratch on a woman’s scalp.

Her cry of pain and fear drew plenty of witnesses to the descent of the rest of the flock.

At a church across town, the planned climax of a wedding turned into something bloody and terrible as soon as the golden cages were open. Elsewhere, magician performing at a child’s birthday party suddenly convulsed, grabbing at his tuxedo jacket as he felt the stabbing pain of talons and beak from where he had hidden his unwilling feathered accomplice. A single white bird released over the grave of a fallen soldier almost necessitated a second funeral all by itself.

And so it went, all across the town and all over the world. Mankind would survive the hellish upset, but things would never be the same. Certain metaphors could never be used again.

The doves had turned.

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5 Responses to “Dive Bomb”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hah – Someone’s been watching Hitchcock’s “The Birds”

  2. Nikoda says:

    The Doves Had Turned almost sounds like the name of a soap opera and that entertains me.

  3. Frelance says:

    By the end of The Birds, I was jealous of the character that got her brains pecked out in it. Cinematic genius my ass.

  4. zeel says:


    i must ask: how do we go forward/backward through posts in this format? i can’t find the button. . .

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