The Dance of the Damned

on January 8, 2010 in Horror

16 July 1923

I fear it has started again. Despite all of my precautions, despite the traps and the presence of my faithful cats, it has begun. The protestations of my friend the captain as to impossibility of the testimony of my senses notwithstanding, the facts are irrefutable. The sound in the walls, the mad frenzied scrabbling beneath the surface of the solid-seeming limestone, is only the prelude, the first herald of my nightly torment.

They tell me that I am distracted, that my mind plays tricks on me. This they say to my face. Behind my back, I am sure that they call me mad. I would swear to the Holy Virgin that I am as sane as I was when first I moved to my ancestral home, insofar as I am able to recognize insanity when I see it. What follows each night as once-still curtains sway in sudden draughts and ancient tapestries writhe with the multitude of scurrying, skittering, chittering bodies boiling out of the walls behind them is nothing less than the very distilled essence of madness itself.

Am I mad? I, who have faced this terrible sight thrice thus far? I who alone have stood as mute witness to this secret horror of rhythmic rodentia? No doubt my nerves have suffered somewhat from the ongoing ordeal, but I defy any of my supposed friends or my innumerable enemies to remain as calm, as steady, as resolutely sane as I am when they see the hamsters come out to dance.

Da da di da di do do

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4 Responses to “The Dance of the Damned”

  1. beappleby says:

    Okay, that punchline made me burst out laughing – I remember the dancing hamsters! Up to that point it reminded me of a story I read in a lit class, “The Yellow Wallpaper.” One of the creepiest stories I’ve ever read.

  2. Utisz says:

    I was expecting Howard Lovecraft.
    I got hamster dance.
    All in all, I think I came out ahead.

  3. eweb says:

    Clever as always. I assume people got the hamster dance part, for the non-Lovecraft fans, the other half from his story “The Rats in the Walls”

  4. Matthew says:

    I like it:)

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