The Eternal Mystery

on February 17, 2010 in Fiction

The silent assassin was not used to asking questions about who hired him, or why, or what his victims had done to deserve the cold kiss of his steel. But there were some things he couldn’t help wondering about all the same. Sometimes there were questions that danced through his mind unbidden as he went about his grim work.

He didn’t know or care who had hired him to kill so many young men. He didn’t know what they had done to deserve death at his hands… he didn’t know if they even did deserve it. That was not a matter for him to decide. He was neither a philosopher nor a judge.

But there was one question that plagued him, that dogged him nightly. Many of his targets seemed to be insomniacs, being awake at their computers or reading in their beds when he came upon them. And when they saw their doom was upon them, more than one of them had chosen to say as their last words, “You can’t kill me! I’m a virgin!”

And so Ichiro, though he did not like to ask questions, wondered still: why did so many teenage males confuse ninjas and unicorns?

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5 Responses to “The Eternal Mystery”

  1. Jon says:


  2. mafidufa says:

    Huh, somehow I had missed the entire unicorn/virgin mythology until now. This made no sense to me until my trusty friend google helped me out.

  3. katthevamp says:


    Don’t worry, I had to check too.

  4. Miss Lynx says:

    I tried googling some of the key words from this one and I still have no clue. :-(

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