Artistic License

on April 5, 2010 in Fiction

The artiste carefully adjusted the angle of his beret, then lifted up his wooden palette. He carefully considered the shades arrayed there, then even more carefully mixed together a daub of blue in with the white. He picked up a tiny brush, its thin tip delicately shaped into a perfect point, and then carefully began to ascend the tall ladder, balancing his feet on the rungs perfectly without the use of his hands.

Once at the top, he hefted the brush and considered where to begin, where to make the first precise and masterful stroke. It was an important decision, he knew, but time was also precious. Natural lighting was crucial to the success of his work.

The light was perfect at the moment, and it would only remain usable during the morning hours. If he hadn’t finished by then, he’d have no choice but to take the ladder around and start on the west side of the house anyway.

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2 Responses to “Artistic License”

  1. SeanB_ZA says:

    Decisions, decisions and yet more……..

    Again the masterful twist in the tale!

  2. TimtheTechnojunkie says:

    Heh – I’ll never be able to paint the house without a beret again…

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