Boxed In

on July 22, 2010 in Horror

There is a box in the woods, lying between the roots of a tree. Its square sides contain a detailed mosaic depicting a troupe of dancers with the spires of some Russian city behind them. The little girl who has just come across the box does not recognize the spires, but she knows a ballet when she sees one.

She goes to the box and picks it up. She starts to open it when she notices the key in its side. There is no reason to think that a music box would work after being left lying out in the woods… in fact, that was probably why it had been left there, she thinks… but on the other hand it seems to be in good condition, and if it does work it seems like it would almost be a crime to not wind it before opening.

So she does so, and when she opens it she is not at all surprised to see the tiny, perfect figure of a ballerina.

With slow, graceful moves that gave no hint of mechanical origin, tiny ballerina raises her arms above her head and goes into a perfect plie. She curtsies to the little girl… or straight ahead, the girl realizes, then makes a quarter-turn to each side and repeats the motion. Tiny tinkling chimes begin to play as the little figure’s hands go behind her back, and pull out a pair of cymbals.


The girl shrieks, her eyes closing as if to shut out the loud and terrible sound. When they open, the cymblas are gone, and the ballerina is reaching behind her back again.

This time she pulls out a gun.

The music box is still there in the woods.

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  1. Lunaroki says:

    Typo Report:

    She curtsies to the the little girl…

    Kinda stuttered there a little bit.

    On an unrelated note: WTF?

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