Hungry Like… You Know

on April 19, 2011 in Horror

There is a wind the locals call a wolf-wind.

Visitors and newcomers to the area… and this latter group can include people whose family settled in the region three generations ago or fewer… often mistakenly believe that this is simply the local colloquial term for a bitingly cold winter wind blowing in from the north. Folklorists assert with the smug confidence of a man who knows nothing about which he speaks that the wolf-wind is named for the way it seems to howl at night.

The wolf-wind does come most often during the winter. That much is right. It does not always come from the north, though. It can spring up from any direction. It does not blow cold. Even in the dead of a winter’s night, even when it billows down from the arctic north, the wolf-wind is hot and wet. It does not announce itself with a poor imitation of a wolf’s call. It comes in silently. The wolf-wind is a wolf on the hunt. It prowls rather than howls.

And the wolf-wind does bite. That is the other part they get right.

It’s easy to miss the wolf-wind when it comes. A few people will report having felt it blowing hot and wet on their necks. A few more will say they felt some portent of unease. Somewhere in the valley, some chickens will go missing, or a sheep, or a goat, or a cow. Flecks of blood will be spread out across the snow… or a long smear of it will be, in the case of something larger.

Sometimes, maybe once or twice in a generation, it won’t be livestock.

The wolf-wind is a hungry wind.

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  1. drudge says:

    Given these last few stories, I can’t help but feel that our favorite author has had *something* on her mind.

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