Of A Feather

on November 15, 2011 in Horror

“It’s creepy,” I said, looking around at all the large ugly birds arrayed on the fence posts, tree limbs, and wires. There were more birds than perches available… still more wheeled about overhead, high in the sky. “Like something out of Hitchcock.”

“I’ll admit it’s unusual,” my guide said. “But nothing we need to worry about right now. These are all varieties of the American vulture, or condor… none of these species are birds of prey. They’re all scavengers, you see. They don’t hunt or attack healthy, living prey.”

“So what are they all doing, then?”


“Waiting for what?” I asked.

“Nothing we need to worry about right now.”

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  1. Schulze says:

    Reminds me of Time Vultures…

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