Playing Soldiers

on November 24, 2011 in Fantasy

The first truck rolled up to the curb at fifteen hundred hours. The children on the swings nearest the fence noticed it first. By the time the first boots were on the ground, all activity on that end of the playground had stopped and kids were drawing cautiously closer.

Two soldiers, disregarding the gate not fifteen feet away, quickly cut through the chain-link fence. One peeled back the snipped section while the other slipped through, looked around, and then motioned towards the others waiting by the fence.

“Go, go, go!” the commanding officer barked. “Move it, move it, move it!”

A whole squad of soldiers stormed through the fence. Some of the schoolchildren screamed and fled, but most stood watching in shock as the soldiers took up positions around the cage-like structure of the old jungle gym and began throwing faded blankets of assorted colors over the top of it. A pair of soldiers knelt in front of it, propping up couch cushions that were handed to them by their comrades.

“Come on, I want those bars fortified. I want a sniper on top of that slide,” the commander said. “Get the foursquare courts secured, now!”

One child, hypnotized by the action, lets go of a bright orange foam football, which gets one good bounce on the hard surface of the basketball court them wobbles towards the main body of soldiers.

“Oh shit!” the commander yells. “Grenade!”

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One Response to “Playing Soldiers”

  1. Man, that takes me back.

    Also “then wobbles” rather than “them wobbles”

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