on September 8, 2012 in Horror

You come back into the bedroom after your shower. She’s already finished with hers, in the master bath, or else she hasn’t started it yet. More likely that, since for once you were the first one out of bed. You can hear the sounds of her getting ready for her day through the open door.

You’re about to go to her when you notice the blood on the pillow. It’s alarming how much of it there is, and more alarming that it’s still there. You’d think she would have taken the pillowcase off and thrown it in the hamper if she’d noticed.

Maybe a nosebleed in the middle of the night? It looks like a lot of blood but maybe it just spread around a lot. You go over to touch it and find that it’s still wet, and there are little shreds of something scattered around the head of the bed. Bits of tissue paper? You touch one. It feels weird… tougher than tissue paper. You’re reminded of the ragged edge around a popped blister, the ragged bit of… skin.

“Honey?” you say, growing seriously alarmed.

“Is that you?” she calls out. “I had an awful dream… I was trapped inside a face and couldn’t get out.”

“What?” you say, sure you misheard her. Her voice sounds weird and wet… not exactly muffled but not right. Maybe she’s brushing her teeth.

“Skin all over, I was drowning in it,” she says. “But then I woke up and everything was back to normal.”

Then she comes out of the bathroom.

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